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We have physical CDs, download CDs, individual tracks, hand-written lyrics and lesson vouchers available to purchase as well as free track downloads. Just click on an image to go to the product you wish to buy.

Signed London Girls Cover photo

Printed on C-Type Archival paper and signed by John Ellis. Please note, this is not a numbered limited edition print. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. See product page for more details.

Black Stone. White Stone

The latest release from Chanoyu Records. Black Stone. White Stone is the second album in the ‘Japan’ series. This one is inspired by the Japanese game of Go. It features electric and acoutic guitas, slide guitar, Ebow guitar, ukulele, bass guitar and Japanese percussion. It is only available as a download from the Chanoyu Records store.

Infinity Drive

The latest CD release from Chanoyu Records, INFINITY DRIVE is an album of demo tracks created for The Stranglers but not used. All music written and played by John Ellis. Lead vocals by Paul Roberts. This project was Kickstarted by generous supporters.

Wabi Sabi 21©

WABI SABI 21© is an album of instrumental electronic music inspired by the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu).

“Although I am mostly known as a guitarist, I have been making electronic music ever since I got my first synthesizer in the early 70′s.

My inspiration then came from electronic artists such as Wendy Carlos, Larry Fast, Vangelis and David Vorhaus.”

This is the first part of a trilogy of CDs inspired by aspects of Japanese Culture.

Note:These are digital downloads, not a physical CD or vinyl.

Sly Guitar

Sly Guitar is the new CD by UK guitarist/composer John Ellis. He describes it as “an exploration of Modern Guitar Music. A car crash of guitars and electronica.” The CD feature 3 live looping performances as well as studio constructions. The digipak contains an 8 page full colour booklet.

Hidden Tracks: The free download album

Over the years John Ellis has recorded many tracks of instrumentals and songs. Some have been recorded and released commercially but some sit in Johns archives. He has made some instrumentals available as free downloads. Enjoy.

Hidden Tracks 2: The second free download album

This is the 2nd album of keyboard-based instrumentals. Download for free and enjoy.

Hand written lyrics

Handwritten lyrics were a very popular choice of reward when John used Kickstarter to create the Infinity Drive project.

You can order a handwritten lyric signed by John Ellis and choose from any of John’s lyrics written for The Vibrators, The Stranglers or solo projects.

Microgroove +

The original 5 track vinyl album featured a remix of John Ellis’ first solo single, Babies In Jars, a live recording made with Rapid Eye Movement and a number of studio recordings. Guy Evans plays drums on three of those tracks. There are an extra 3 tracks on this download album.

We have a very small number of the original vinyl EP that comes with a numbered and signed postcard. Mostly in very good condition. Contact us for more details.

Guitar Lessons and Workshops

John Ellis teaches guitar across a wide variety of styles. Rock, pop, blues, folk, open tuning, finger picking, song writing, music technology, acoustic, electric etc.

John teaches on a one-to-one basis from his home in East London or you can book yourself on to one of his very popular Beginner Blues Guitar workshops.

Lesson vouchers are also available in the shop if you wish to give a lesson as a gift.

The Art Gallery Series

The Art Gallery series consists of a set of 5 CDs of music created for European Art exhibitions by John Ellis. They are all albums of electronic music and are available for syncs. A limited set of CDs are still available in physical format otherwise individual tracks can be bought as ‘downloads’. The image above shows the work of Moishe Moser.

A Gift Of Serenity: Signed copy.

A Gift Of Serenity is the first novel of a trilogy by John Ellis.

The story follows the ‘long march’ of Charles Walker, a very unpleasant human being. He has left London as a result of a visit from The Blitzers and a need to find some kind of personal epiphany. He is drawn to an unknown destination in the West of England, not knowing who or what he will find when or if he gets there.

Over thirteen chapters we follow the pale man from London to Cornwall across an ancient, sacred landscape set in the year 2024. On his way, he encounters bizarre characters and experiences events that come from a mysterious and darker England hidden from the view of city dwellers, a place of folk memory and local legends. On your own journey as a reader, you will meet the giant Jargo Darrowman , Magda and her blind brother Jess, the female vicar Ophelia, Stella Phoebe Moon, the barmaid of The Crafty Crow and many others.

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