Black Stone. White Stone

Track List:

Mr O takes a taxi to Chiyoda
Mr O smokes a cigarette
Mr O contemplates Fuji-san from the bullet train
The bowls are full but the Ban is empty
Deep breathing to aid concentration
Mr O makes a foolish mistake
Rainclouds over Fuji-san

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Black Stone. White Stone is an album of instrumental guitar music inspired by the Japanese game of Go.

The album imagines the story of Mr O who believes himself to be a great Go player.

This is the second part of a trilogy inspired by aspects of Japanese Culture.

Note:These are digital downloads, not a physical CD or vinyl.

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  1. nemogriffin

    A review from Dr David Buckley.

    John Ellis’ muse is as overactive as ever. There’s a wonderous array of styles here on these 12 instrumental pieces. From menacing electronica that verges on music concrete on the startling opener ‘Deep Breathing to Aid Concentration’, and peerless fretwork and E-Bow guitar on ‘Kimigayo’, to beautiful folk-inspired stylings for the anthemic ‘Rainclouds Over Fuji-San’, the listener is both challenged and delighted in equal measure. The music always pushes the boundaries and sits foursquare in the art rock tradition of Fripp, Eno and even Mike Oldfield. There’s nothing staid, cliched or predictable here: this is Modernist music for the new decade.

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