Do you love real music?

We are clearly at a major turning point when it comes to the interface of artists and the people who like their music. Without your support, musicians and songwriters like myself would find it almost impossible to carry on the creative process. Traditionally, record labels, publishers and agents etc were the ‘middlemen’ in that process.

But for most of us those days are over. And that means that artists and fans are now working much more symbiotically. Fantastic!

So here are a few ideas for those of you who want to help and support emerging artists or those of us still dedicated to exploring new musical landscapes.

Consider supporting a project. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and you receive special stuff and opportunities from the artists.

Support your local venues. It’s simple. Just turn up and have a good time. Local acts get a place to play. Bigger acts give local acts a chance to support. Suggest artists you’d like to see play there.

Why not put on a gig in your home. There’s lots of website support if you want to give it a try.

If an artist you like is selling their music from their own site, please make that your first choice for purchase. It might cost a little extra but it makes a massive difference to the artist who can put that money back into the creative process. Also leave lots of feedback. Artists like to know what you think about their work.

Artists are not superhuman. We need support. If you really like a particular artist tell the world through your social media. Ask your local venue to book them or get your local radio station to do an interview. Maybe you have a relevant skill or service you could offer to the artist. They are usually very happy to repay in kind.

So……as the great Wilbert Harrison once said “Together we stand. Divided we fall. Come on you people let’s get on the ball and work together”

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